Kennebec Regional Development Authority

The Kennebec Regional Development Authority is a quasi-municipal entity created by the Maine state legislature. As such, it has unique powers and capabilities that can provide creative financing solutions for investments and developments (for profit and not-for-profit) throughout Kennebec, Somerset and Waldo Counties. FirstPark itself represents just such a development in which twenty four municipalities share the risk and reward of increased assessments and valuations. KRDA provides a phenomenal network that can link investors and developers to resources and leads throughout the state and beyond.

In the ten years I have been developing this company, this (my discussions with KRDA and FirstPark) has been the most positive experience I’ve had.

G. Hanley, Principal, expanding medical device manufacturer

PC Construction greatly appreciates the (above) project lead provided by KRDA and First Park. We were brought to the table early for this impressive investment and stand ready to launch this firm’s phased expansion.

Joe Picoraro, Project Executive, PC Group

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