Investigating the Canadian Maritimes for Investment

From August to early October the KRDA team called on over 300 firms in the Canadian Maritimes to seek their interest into expanding into Central Maine.   The four targeted clusters included:

  1. Food Products/Wood Product
  2. Information Technology
  3. Metal Fabrication
  4. Clean/Green/Bio Technology

This intensive survey process provided competitive intelligence on the region's firms. Armed with this information we met with 7 firms that expressed a strong interest in their next phase expansion occurring in the US, the Northeast and Central Maine. We were able to present targeted information that exceeded their expectation. The verdict is that we will continue to cultivate 5 of the 7 firms as they continue with their expansion plans over the next 18 months. The next step is to visit Central Maine and see the value proposition first hand - in what we call our "red carpet" program.