Park Directory

Our current park tenants are from a variety of industries, including health care, professional services and telecommunications. Our business park is ideal for light manufacturing, call centers, food/beverage production & distribution, engineering/professional services and distribution. The park directory is shown below.

Lot B

PFBF, Certified Public Accountants

Encompass Marketing/Design

Neurosurgery Associates, P.A.

Kennebec Regional Development Authority

Common Good Ventures

Michael R. Nawfel, DMD

Lot D

Hawkins Medical Associates

CV Diagnostics

Waterville Foot & Ankle Center, P.A.

Maine Cardiology Associates

Lot 1, Unit 1

Diane M. Gable, M.D.

Lot 1, Unit 2

Silvermount Women’s Health Care Obstetrics & Gynecology

Lot 1, Unit 3

Lot 1, Unit 4

FirstPark Family Practice

Lot 2 & 3

Lot 17 & 18

FirstPark site map

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